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Jinbo is a professional manufacturer of sports products such as microfiber towels and swimming accessories such as goggles and swim caps. The microfiber towels produced by Jinbo are specially made for athletes, sports enthusiasts, body builders, frequent travelers and outdoor enthusiasts. Compared with traditional cotton towels, these fast drying towels are much easier to carry and prevent the buildup of bacteria.

Raw material analysis
1. Material: 88% polyester+12% nylon
When the content of polyester is higher, the fabric will be rougher; when the content of nylon is higher, the fabric will be softer.

2. Advantages compared with traditional cotton towel

  • Fast dry towel
  • Common towel

Put the fast dry towel and common towel in the same volume of water for soaking up water, then wring them dry; during the squeezing and twisting, nearly 90% of water can be easily squeezed out of our fast dry towel.

  • Fast dry towel
  • Common towel

Place the towels which are wrung out on the kraft paper to see the result

1) The fast drying effect of our product can be 5-6 times that of common towels. This, combined with the antimicrobial effects of the material prevent the buildup of bacteria that cause unpleasant odors.
2) For the same length and width, the fast dry towels have only 1/4 the volume of common towels, making them more portable.
3) Traditional towels can harbor bacteria and cause irritation. Our fast drying towels can absorb water with gentle contact.
4) Common towels often result in the formation of lint. Our towels are made of high quality synthetic fibers that hold their shape and do not create lint.
5) Our fast drying towels are highly absorbent and after a short period of time will allow water to evaporate from the towel's fibers. When compared, a traditional towel will drip water when wrung out after a few hours while the Jinbo towels will release nothing.
6) There is little microscopic pore cleaning effect from traditional towels. But our towel has fibers 1/200 the diameter of hair, so it can capture dust particles which are several microns in diameter. Thus, it has remarkable effect in cleaning and removing oils.

Custom fast dry microfiber towel
We can provide fast dry towel customization according to client requirements. We can accept OEM, ODM orders.
1. Jinbo will combine our own production strength with requirements, samples and drawings provided by our customers. We will then give comments or suggestions including production possibilities, proofing time, samples, price etc. within 1-2 workdays.
2. We will carry out proofing within 7-10 workdays after confirming the quotation and delivery time.
3. After the confirmation of the sample, Jinbo will accomplish volume production in 20-40 days.
4. The average daily output of the microfiber towel can be up to 5000.

Product display
  • Fast dry microfiber sports towel 40*90cm
  • Microfiber travel towel 80*180cm
  • Microfiber bath towel 80*130cm
  • Soft microfiber baby towel 80*130cm
  • Beauty facial cleansing microfiber towel 30*40cm

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