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Cangzhou Jinbo Sports Co. is a sporting goods manufacturer founded in 2010. We are known for our microfiber towels, robes and swimming accessories, such as swim caps and goggles. Jinbo products are great for hotels, yoga studios, swimming pools, and all-around gym use.

Towels are essential gym accessories. Drying off after a workout, a dip in the pool, or a shower is something we all do, whether we're an athlete or an occasional gym goer. Traditional towels are great but if you're on the go, or you don't have access to complimentary towels where you work out, you don't want to be carrying around bulky cotton towels. Jinbo microfibers are the answer to this problem. Microfiber towels are quick drying, compact, absorbent, and anti-microbial. After rigorous exercise, wipe off your sweat with a Jinbo microfiber towel and simply throw it in your bag. The anti-microbial micro fiber fabric will prevent the build-up of off-putting odors. These towels come in various types including sports towels, travel towels, and even bath towels.

Our products are continuously developed and improved upon based on market research and customer feedback. In addition to our microfiber towels and robes, our swimming accessories are designed for comfortable swimming performance. We have a production output of 5,000 microfiber towels and 10,000 swim caps every day.

Since the very beginning Jinbo has established strong business relationships with several of the world’s best companies, like: Mares, DAIKOS, Megaform, 2XU, GVG, SEAFOR and more. Other great International brands, like Disney, HEDA and SPEEDO have entrusted Jinbo to customize their swim caps. Today, our products have been exported to France, Spain, Italy, Hungary, Belgium, Australia, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia and Germany, etc.

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Cangzhou Jinbo Sports Co., Ltd

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