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Microfiber Clothing

Stepping out of the shower, out of a sauna or just to wear around the house, a microfiber bathrobe is a soft, comfortable clothing choice. Microfiber is often more durable than other traditional clothing materials, and has a great moisture repellant quality to keep the robe dry and warm. Not only that, but microfiber is easy to care for, ensuring that the microfiber robe stays soft and comfortable, even after numerous washings. With all of these advantageous traits, our microfiber robes are a great choice for use at home or on-the-go for sports and travel.

    1. Quick Dry Microfiber BathrobeThe quick dry microfiber bathrobe is extremely portable, meaning it can be folded and easily placed in a suitcase for business trips, general travel, trips to the gym, or just for use around the house.
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