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JB3126 Kids Swim Goggles

Swim goggles are a must for protecting swimmer's eyes, no matter where they are swimming. They allow users to clearly see underwater, whether they are in the ocean, a lake or a swimming pool. This particular model is designed exclusively for kids so they can enjoy their time in the water worry-free.

1. Color: multicolour
2. Material:
Eyeglass- PC
Eyecup- 100% silicone
Nosepiece- PU
Strap- 100% silicone
Side buckle and goggles case- PC

1. The kids swim goggles feature a great aging resistance and excellent elasticity, preventing the straps from easily tearing and breaking.
2. These goggles feature PC lenses that are extremely wear resistant and ensure a clear vision with fogging resistance capabilities. These goggles are also UV-ray resistant, and feature silicone eyecups that are designed to fit any facial shape.
3. The goggles feature a kid friendly, colorful and comfortable design that will not squeeze eyes while offering optimal protection.

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