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3300 PC Lens Swim Goggles

PC lens swim goggles are a must for protecting swimmer's eyes. They allow users to see underwater clearly, no matter where they are swimming, ocean, lake or swimming pool.

1. Color: royal blue, pink, lake blue, black.
2. Material:
Eyeglass- PC
Eyecup- 100% silicone
Nosepiece- PU
Strap- 100% silicone
Side buckle and goggles case- PC

1. PC lens swim goggles feature a great aging resistance and excellent elasticity, preventing the straps from easily tearing and breaking.
2. These goggles are one of the antifog swimming goggles, ensuring long term clear vision under water. They have undergone a water resistant and wear resistant treatment to keep them at peak performance even after long term usage. They are both comfortable and fashionable.
3. PC lens swim goggles feature a forked and skid proof strap that is both safe and comfortable. The nose piece is available in 3 different sizes, in order to fit just about any facial shape, and the frame is available in multiple color options for an attractive and stylish appearance.

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