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Microfiber Towel

Jibo microfiber towels are produced using a blend of polyester and nylon. These towels are lighter, more compact, and dry much more quickly than standard towels. One of the biggest advantages of these towels is their antimicrobial capability. The towels are quick drying and prevent the buildup of bacteria, which can lead to foul odors and unwanted health complications if left unchecked. Whether you need a towel to dry off the perspiration after a workout or completely dry off after a shower, Jinbo has the microfiber towel for you.

    1. Microfiber Yoga TowelThe microfiber yoga towels produced by Jinbo are stylish, yet effective towels that are great for yoga studios, fitness clubs, spas, hotels, etc. Color: colorful or custom solid colored such as lake blue, sky blue, pink, green, gray, lilac,etc.
    1. Fast Dry Microfiber Sports TowelThe fast dry microfiber sports towel is an all-purpose towel designed with a blend of polyester and nylon fibers for wicking sweat. The towel is lightweight and can be thrown in a gym bag or easily carried around without becoming a hindrance.
    1. Microfiber Travel TowelThe microfiber travel towel is for those of us who want a towel that we know is clean and need it on the go. They're great for overnight trips, hotel stays, camping, etc. The compact towel will fit in any bag for convenient packing.
    1. Microfiber Beach TowelThe microfiber beach towel is extremely portable with its lightweight design. The best part is that, despite the compact size of the towel when folded, it is still highly absorbent and great for travel to the pool or beach.
    1. Fast Dry Microfiber TowelThe fast dry microfiber towel is a household towel that is great for washing and drying you face. The soft microfiber feels silky and smooth against even the most sensitive skin.
    1. Soft Microfiber Baby TowelThe soft microfiber baby towel is specially made for the sensitive skin of babies. It can be used as a burping towel, cleansing cloth, face towel, etc.
    1. Beauty Facial Cleansing Microfiber TowelThe beauty facial cleansing microfiber towel is specially designed for facial cleansing even for those with sensitive skin. The beauty facial cleansing microfiber towel is specially made for the beauty conscious. It has remarkable and powerful decontamination effects.
    1. The microfiber bath towel is essential for swimming, bathing, hot springs, business trip, home etc. It quickly pulls water from your skin and dries 3 times faster than common towels. The microfiber bath towel has strong water absorbency, so that it can rapidly absorb the water on the surface of the body after taking a bath, getting dry instantly.
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