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Microfiber Bath Towel

The microfiber bath towel is essential for swimming, bathing, hot springs, business trip, home etc. It quickly pulls water from your skin and dries 3 times faster than common towels.

1. Color: lake blue, pink, green, gray, lilac color, sky blue or customized.
2. Dimension: 80*130cm; it can also be customized.
3. Material: microfiber.

1. The microfiber bath towel has strong water absorbency, so that it can rapidly absorb the water on the surface of the body after taking a bath, getting dry instantly.
2. According to the quick dry effect detection, the microfiber bath towel can promote water evaporation. It has remarkable fast drying effects so that it can eliminate the inconvenience of travel.
3. Because of the small size of the microfiber bath towel, it is portable and convenient for travelers and requires little space.
4. High water content: there are 8 filaments of the microfiber bath towel, so that the superficial area of the fiber is quite large. And there are more gaps among the fibers, thus improving the water absorbency.
5. Fast dry: the time for the microfiber bath towel to be dry is 1/3 that of cotton towels under the same environment.

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