Soft Microfiber Baby Towel

The soft microfiber baby towel is specially made for the sensitive skin of babies. It can be used as a burping towel, cleansing cloth, face towel, etc.

1. Color: piggy, footprint etc.; it can also be customized.
2. Dimension: optional 30*40cm and 80*130cm; it can also be customized.
3. Material: microfiber.

1. Safe material: the soft microfiber baby towel is mainly made of microfiber without the carcinogenic aromatic amine. It adopts imported green reactive dyes which are quite safe.
2. Anti-bacteria and fast drying: it has strong water absorbency which means that it can absorb the baby's saliva rapidly. It also prevents the spread of bacteria during use.
3. This towel is specially designed for kids with pig, footprint, and other cartoon designs on the towels. The fun designs make it more pleasant to clean up and wash.
4. The time for soft microfiber baby towel to be dry is 1/3 that of the cotton towel.
5. Not easy to fade: this kind of fast dry towel adopts dyeing process such as TF-215 which is specific to microfiber. All the indexes of the towel such as retarding ability, migrating ability, high temperature dispersion and achromatic property can meet the strict standards, so that it can be exported to international markets. The towel will not fade even when it is used to clean the item surface.

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