Fast Dry Microfiber Towel

The fast dry microfiber towel is a household towel that is great for washing and drying you face. The soft microfiber feels silky and smooth against even the most sensitive skin. It is suitable for home and beauty use. It is the essential household textile products.

1. Color: pink, yellow, lake blue, lilac color, sky blue or customized.
2. Dimension: 40*70cm; it can also be customized.
3. Material: microfiber.

1. Compared with common towels, the fast dry microfiber towel has the following remarkable advantages: exquisite feeling, better water absorbency, light and fast drying. It makes washing an enjoyable experience.
2. The fast dry microfiber towel is softer and skin-friendly. It also has remarkable cleaning effects.
3. This towel adopts a polymer fiber construction. This means the towel will not release any lint or degrade over time.
4. Effective decontamination: our towel has fibers 1/200 the diameter of hair and with a special cross section, so it can capture dust particles which are several microns in diameter. Thus, it has remarkable effects in cleaning and removing oil.
5. The fast dry effect of our product can be 5-6 times that of common towels. This helps to prevent the buildup of bacteria and mildew.
6. Durable: this towel has high intensity and toughness, service life can be 4 times that of common towels.

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