Microfiber Beach Towel

The microfiber beach towel is extremely portable with its lightweight design. The best part is that, despite the compact size of the towel when folded, it is still highly absorbent and great for travel to the pool or beach. It can also be used as a blanket or cover during travel in addition to being used as a beach towel.

1. Color: lake blue, pink or customized color.
2. Dimension: 80*180cm or can be customized.
3. Material: microfiber.

1. The volume of the microfiber beach towel is smaller than common beach towels with the same length and width, so that it is portable, making packing a breeze.
2. The sanitary conditions during travel are worrying. The microfiber beach towel can realize multiple functions. It can provide you with comfortable accommodations and sanitary travel.
3. Because of the remarkable fast drying effects, it is more convenient to be carried and used in travel. Meanwhile, it has antibacterial effect, making the trip safer, more convenient and reassuring.
4. High portability and lightweight construction.
5. Non-linting: it is made of high intensity synthetic fiber filament so that it is not easily damaged.
6. Durable: this towel has high intensity and toughness, service life can be 4 times that of common towels.

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