Microfiber Travel Towel

The microfiber travel towel is for those of us who want a towel that we know is clean and need it on the go. They're great for overnight trips, hotel stays, camping, etc. The compact towel will fit in any bag for convenient packing.

1. Color: lake blue, pink or customized color.
2. Dimension: 40*90cm or can be customized.
3. Material: microfiber.

1. The volume of the microfiber travel towel is smaller than the common towels with the same length and width, so that it is portable, making more room in your luggage for other necessities.
2. Because of the remarkable fast drying effect, it is more convenient to be carried and used in travel. Meanwhile, it has antibacterial effects, resulting in a clean and better smelling towel.
3. Non-linting: it is made of high intensity synthetic fiber filament that is not easily damaged.
4. Easy to clean: when using common towels, especially natural fiber towel, the dust, oil and dirt on the surface of the item which is wiped will be absorbed into the fiber. Then they will remain in the fiber and this is hard to remove. While our microfiber travel towel can absorb the dirt and store it into the gaps among the fibers (not into the fiber), so it can be cleaned just by water or detergent after use.
5. Durable: this towel has high intensity and toughness, so that the service life can be 4 times of that of common towels.

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