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Sports Microfiber Towel

Jinbo microfiber sports towels are lightweight and highly moisture wicking. Throw one in your bag and be surprised at how much room you have left for your other gym gear. The towels are antimicrobial and prevent the buildup of bacteria that can cause foul odors. The microfiber yoga towels are stylish and since they are made of compact microfiber, they won't get in the way, even in a crowded yoga studio. The fast dry microfiber sports towel is designed for the people who like to leave it all on the court or on the field. Wipe off that sweat after giving it your all and let the towel do the rest.

    1. Microfiber Yoga TowelThe microfiber yoga towels produced by Jinbo are stylish, yet effective towels that are great for yoga studios, fitness clubs, spas, hotels, etc. Color: colorful or custom solid colored such as lake blue, sky blue, pink, green, gray, lilac,etc.
    1. Fast Dry Microfiber Sports TowelThe fast dry microfiber sports towel is an all-purpose towel designed with a blend of polyester and nylon fibers for wicking sweat. The towel is lightweight and can be thrown in a gym bag or easily carried around without becoming a hindrance.
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