Microfiber Yoga Towel

The microfiber yoga towels produced by Jinbo are stylish, yet effective towels that are great for yoga studios, fitness clubs, spas, hotels, etc.

Color: colorful or custom solid colored such as lake blue, sky blue, pink, green, gray, lilac,etc.
Dimension: 175*60cm; it can also be customized.
Material: microfiber; composite filament of polyester and nylon.

1. The microfiber yoga towel is made of high intensity synthetic fiber filament so that it is strong and prevents breakage, which can lead to the buildup of lint.
2. These yoga towels are small. They have ¼ the volume of cotton towels of the same dimensions but are just as effective and can be thrown in your bag or easily carried.
3. The water absorbing and dust capturing capacity is 5-6 times of that of common towels with the same length and width, thus it can effectively protect the yoga towel from bacteria buildup from heavy perspiration during exercises. The yoga towel provides a silky feeling without stickiness.
4. The time for fast dry yoga towel to be dry is 1/3 that of the cotton towels.

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